Makeshift Air Conditioning


Posted by Gail | Posted in Furry Friends | Posted on 24-10-2009

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Everyday around 10am, my kittens get what I call a makeshift air conditioning. I remember reading about it online, how to keep your cat cool during the summer days and it works like a charm. I freeze Gatorade plastic bottles with water and freeze them, then I wrap them in a face cloth.? At first when I lines them up on the bottom of their cages they didn’t go anywhere near the bottles, it took them a while to understand that if they leaned up against it , it would keep them nice and cool! Once they figured that out, they wait for me to bring them their air conditioning everyday. It was a simple method but very effective in keeping my little kittens nice and cool when it’s hot outside.


Our smaller 3 kittens are only now discovering the coolness of the bottles and as you can see are loving it now!


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