Schools We Visit

Pauoa Elementary School was built in 1847 on the Hawaiian Church property, this unique school has a very strong support from it’s parents and community. It takes many people to provide children with the best learning environment possible, at Pauoa it is indeed true.

Kailua Elementary School is a happy, caring family where we are encouraged to explore, learn and do our very best. The mission of Kailua Elementary School is to engage our community and families to work cooperatively to establish and maintain a safe environment which promotes student achievement and develops caring, responsible and self-directed learners who will positively contribute to the global community.? A Honu World: Engaging our mind, body, and spirit

Today I became a teacher. I’ve heard teaching can be hard but no one told me it would be exhausting. I rode home all the way with one eye closed and when I got in the house and told Angus, Boomer, Carmen and Zoe all about it, well I had to go lie down. I was surprisingly tired. My pupils were all 5-6 year olds. I was teaching 25 kindergarten kids how to properly care for dogs. We had to follow a school curriculum in order for it to be considered proper for study in a classroom. Now before I jump ahead, let me tell you I had the surprise of my life when I walked into the classroom. See photo below and you will understand my surprise.

See all those tennis balls.? Before recess was over, we entered the child empty classroom to get set up and I was shocked at what I saw.? Did they know me that well?!!!? I could not believe my eyes.? I began running around the room in glee and tried to remove several of the balls.? Notice the photo above is missing one ball on the chair leg?? That?s because I needed a ball.

Next thing I know, the school bell is ringing and the kids are lining up single file outside the door entry, excited to come in to see us.? The teacher was giving orders about being quiet and respectful of the dog, not to jump around and to listen.?Yeah, well that didn?t always work for the next hour.? Anyways, they all started to come into the room and they quietly sat on the floor in a half moon fashion and I introduced my self.? ?Hi, I am Blaze, the wonder boy.?? This is my mom, Mrs Andrea and her friend, Mrs. Donna.? We?re here today to teach you how to care for dogs.? Everyone was very attentive and smiling with glee.? They thought I was very cute.? My tail was wagging like crazy but I was behaving like the model dog and not like a 5 year old child?.Ha!??? The lesson plan was discussed and we started off with educating kids on the importance of the proper feeding bowls, collars, leashes, how to groom and how to introduce yourself to a strange dog.? Each child had an opportunity to come groom me with my favorite little mushroom brush which is soft and perfect size for a little child?s hand.? Donna and Mom explained the importance of grooming, brushing your teeth, clean coat, etc and then the kids had a paper exercise.? They had to match photos of the objects we discussed (id tag, leash, bowl, etc) with the word

After this exercise, they had to draw me with one of the objects they learned about. Many of the kids drew me with a leash. After the paper exercise, we discussed the importance of exercising your dog and how it forms good behavior. Parents, listen up with your kids if you want good kids! Mom took me off leash and then the fun really began. The kids parted a path so that I could chase the ball to the back of the room. After a few retrieves, the kids were given an opportunity to exercise me. Almost everyone wanted their chance to throw the ball for me. I did a lot of chasing after the ball, skirting around table legs, jumping over books and little legs. I was sad to learn the visit was coming to a close. Everyone said their goodbyes to me and they were told I would be back next week for part 2 of our training session. They seemed to be overjoyed to know I would be coming back.

Mrs. Donna drove back home with me in the back seat.? I was too tired to look out the window at the beautiful ocean scenery.? I couldn?t believe that kids could actually tire me out.? Next week I think I will take a nap before we go to school.? Mom is going to teach me how to bow and wave thank you before next week?s class.? I like going to school and hope to do many more educational opportunities.? I?m pretty smart but have a lot to learn.? This Wednesday, ?Angus is going to St. Anthony?s Catholic School to meet with the 5th grade class.? The theme is What Working Dogs Do.? He is being paired up with a Search and Rescue Team and his part will be to educate the kids on what Therapy Dogs do.? I?m jealous.? In the near future you will see me posted on Hawaii Dog Foundation (HDF) as their working dog.? ??HDF is the organization that rescued me and Boomer and found us our new family.? HDF is a no kill animal rescue organization and they now have me to help educate the community on HDF and how to care for dogs.? Wish me luck.? It?s a new challenge for me but a worthwhile one.? Every dog should be so lucky.

Love Blaze


Central Union Church Preschool and Kindergarten is a Christian based early childhood program that promotes spiritual, cognitive, socio-emotional and physical growth in a nurturing environment and provides a solid foundation for early learning.? Its program of educating the whole child promotes a life-long enthusiasm for learning and provides a smooth transition from home to school.

It promotes the value of early childhood education throughout the community and provides for the on-going growth of its faculty and parent community.


Kainalu School is a nurturing environment where everyone has a love for learning and teaching. Their school is a family that includes its students, staff, parents, and residents. Together, they promote an atmosphere that respects individuality, fosters cooperation, and provides challenges and opportunities for success.


Kalihi Kai Elementary School, located in Honolulu, Hawaii, serves grades PK-5 in the?Hawaii Public Schools district. Based on its state test results, it has received a GreatSchools Rating of 2 out of 10.


Kapolei Middle School is an enthusiastic community that promotes life-long learning and success. The mission of Kapolei Middle School is to assure the social and academic growth of every child so that each has the knowledge and ability to be successful in high school. The engage all staff, students, families, and community in working together as a learning?community?that is dedicated to caring and supporting, active participation, and positive expectations for all students as they transition from elementary to high school.


Founded in 1847, Pauoa School is one of the state?s oldest schools. It is considered a hidden gem, just minutes from downtown. With 317 students, Pauoa is a small school where students get a lot of personal attention. Its students perform well on statewide tests, giving the school the top academic rank of ?in good standing, unconditional.? And they enjoy a well rounded education, with full-time music and technology teachers, plus a part-time PE teacher. The robotics club has gone to the state championship two years running, and won awards for its ?research quality? and ?core values.?


Variety School of Hawaii offers children ages 5 through 13 a wide variety of programs and experiences in a warm, nurturing environment.?Their mission at Variety School is to educate children with learning disabilities, attention deficit disorder, and autism through the use of a multidisciplinary approach, so that they may achieve their maximum potential.