Our Sponsors & Supporters

2006 and 2010 grant recipients

The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation is dedicated to assisting the poor through operating and capital grants to direct service organizations primarily located in Maryland, Hawaii, Northeastern Pennsylvania, New York, Israel and the Former Soviet Union.? These grants focus on meeting basic needs such as shelter, nutrition, health, socialization, and enhancing and individual’s ability to meet those needs.? Within that focus, emphasis is placed on older adults and the Jewish community.


The Hawaii Foodbank in partnership with the food industry and community serves as a link between charities and those in need of food assistance. Their drivers collect food from supermarkets, distributors and wholesalers and bring them to their warehouse for inspection and sorting. Goods are then available for distribution to 250 charitable agencies on Oahu to feed our hungry.? The Hawaii Foodbank network serves the elderly, families, children and those facing financial crises each week.? Hawaii’s hungry are people of diverse ethnic backgrounds, ages and economic status.? Because of the Hawaii Foodbank, Tails of Aloha is able to provide food to the companion dogs/cats belonging to the homeless.


2009 and 2010 grant recipients

The Pedigree Foundation‘s mission is to help those dogs that end up in shelters across the country by providing grants to 501 (c)(3) shelters and rescue groups, and by encouraging dog adoption. We are one of the lucky one’s who have received a grant from the Pedigree Foundation for our shelter, now we can better provide for all the animals that we’ve rescued,? and hopefully find a lifetime home for them through adoption.

“THE PEDIGREE FOUNDATION Logo is a trademark of Mars, Incorporated and is used with permission.”