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0188_pink_star Investigation Discovery Videos: The Real NCIS: Cadaver Dogs.

0188_pink_starDepression Information Center: The lastest research on depression and pet therapy.

0188_pink_starI Love Rescue Animals: Interview with Tails of Aloha.

0188_pink_star4 The Love of Animals: Interview with Tails of Aloha.


EARS volunteers travel to Hawaii to help neglected animals.

0188_pink_starWaianae Animal Shelter rescue KITV News Video.

0188_pink_starWaianae Animal Shelter rescue update KITV News Video.

0188_pink_starWaianae Man Could Be Charged w/ Animal Cruelty KGMB Video.

0188_pink_starCheers! Wine sales benefit UAN and the animals, read article here.

0188_pink_starKau Kau Cook is honored for service. Read more here.


0188_pink_starA 911 Tribute to SAR Dogs. Watch video below.


0188_pink_starBabe’s Story


0188_pink_starBruce The Bird Guy


0188_pink_star550 Dogs Rescued fr0188_pink_starom Kaufman Puppy Mill

0188_pink_starSnouts in your town: Cat Circus

0188_pink_starSherpa Pet Group, the Guaranteed On Board Program


0188_pink_star2009 Hawaii Pet Walk


0188_pink_starAfrican Wild Dog Cam Live


0188_pink_starSharon Black of the Kau Kau Wagon receives E-Chievement Award.

0188_pink_starRockie inspired business owner.

0188_pink_starTails of Aloha – cheering the elderly and much more

0188_pink_starA warm and fuzzy remedy for elderly

0188_pink_starThanksgiving of Hope

0188_pink_starInauguration of a Area Coordination Center in the Philippines

Sweet Inspiration


After filing $19 billion of lawsuits, activist leaders take a whirlwind tour of the gulf.

Saving the Northern Rocky Mountain Grey Wolf

Volunteer E.A.R.S

Puppies Found Dead in Waianae

?More dogs get kidnapped for money –

The 15 quietest dog breeds.

Smugglers attempting to cross the Mekong River with 90 cats were?intercepted on the border.

Lives in the Balance?

Doggie gets His Day