Lilo Kekahi (Lost Companion Program)

Tails of Aloha started this project to be able to have a place where people who’s lost a pet can list them on our website and be on our? missing pet database.? This way, whenever a pet is missing we’ll be able to send out emails to whoever is on our database, flyers can be printed. Our hope is that by doing this, we’ll get a lot more people involved , the more people involved the better chance of the pet being found. Also please check out the Honolulu Crime Stoppers website which has valuable information when you lose a pet or find someone?else’s?lost pet. ?

Name of Pet:? Maya

Breed: Siamese mix female cat

Date Lost: 11/09/09

Time/Location:? Waipio Gentry at 5:30

email Gayle Igarashi