Emergency Preparedness

Are you prepared in case of a emergency? Most of us are not, and we don’t know where to get the information to help us.? Let’s get involved in knowing what to do in case of an emergency and be prepared so we can have peace of mind that if anything does happen we’ll have an idea what to do and where to go for help. Here are some links that will help you be better prepared in case of a Emergency.

0188_pink_starReady America: Prepare, Plan and stay Informed.


0188_pink_starPreparing your Pets for and Emergency

0188_pink_starPreparing Older Americans for a Emergency

0188_pink_starPreparing People with Disabilities and Special Needs.

0188_pink_star2009 Huricane Shelters for Hawaii

0188_pink_starMilitary Family Preparedness


0188_pink_starHand -Washing Is No Defense Against H1N1

0188_pink_starAHA urges CDC to revise N95 guidelines for H1N1

United Animal Nations Disaster Preparedness

FDA Safety Alerts

Pet Friendly Shelters