About Our Founder

Tails of Aloha was established in 1994 by Gayle Igarashi,  her insight on how animals can have a therapeutic affect on all aged or ill people prompted her to create what’s known today as Tails of Aloha, an animal assisted therapy program.? The organization was fully funded by Gayle from 1994-2007, in October 2008 Tails of Aloha received it’s Non-Profit designation.? Gayle’s mission is to provide the human-animal bond through animal assisted therapy and animal assited activities at hospitals, nursing homes, private homes, hospice, schools and libraries.? Gayle began her program with her Labrador Retriever Harley, who was a therapy dog for 16 years, although he is no longer with us, her new Labrador Phiglio has continued where Harley left off, she goes to work with Gayle everyday and visits the residents during her breaks.? Gayle has also been a winner of the 2007 Administrative Professionals Innovation Award, and also appeared in Business Management Daily: Pay or no pay, do what you love.? She is also the State Coordinator for United Animal Nations Emergency Animal Rescue and has recently received a Certificate of Appreciation from United Animal Nations for her efforts in the animal hoarding rescue from Animal Haven July 2009. Gayle’s love for animals and knowledge of what they are capable of doing for others has kept her continuing in the effort to educate and invite others into our program today.


Harley with his tux and dark glasses and Phiglio relaxing after a day of visiting residents at Maluhia.


Phi with her pink wig and glasses for Halloween